effective credit control

Effective Credit Control

I have read some quite shocking reports recently regarding just how much debt is written off by businesses. It does beg the question as to whether (OR NOT) businesses have an effective Credit Control procedure in place.

Credit Control is the life blood of any business

Credit Control isn’t considered by many to be important.  Most business will focus on producing the product or providing the service, which is important, of course.  That said,  Credit Control is the life-blood of any business and must be treated as paramount. If you give your customers/clients terms then you must have controls in place to ensure that monies owed to you are being paid in a timely fashion.

Too many businesses are reactive rather than proactive. Our top tip is to be ahead of the game – sending out a statement once a month as a reminder is simply not good enough. Get your credit controller making those calls and establish a rapport with your clients. They won’t mind getting a follow-up call regarding payment and when it might be received. You should not be embarrassed about asking for monies owed to you – you have earned it and your client will admire you for your Accounts Department’s efficiency.